April 11: The High-Tech Physical Exam
Anne happy ep2
4月11日 ハイテクな身体測定
Shigatsu Jū-ichi-nichi: Haiteku na Shintai Sokutei
Japanese Air Date

April 14, 2016

Ending Ashita de Ii Kara
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April 11: The High-Tech Physical Exam (4月11日 ハイテクな身体測定, Shigatsu Jū-ichi-nichi: Haiteku na Shintai Sokutei?) is the second episode of Anne Happy♪. The episode premiered on April 14, 2016.


The girls get a tour from Timothy, a robotic rabbit butler as they prepare for their upcoming physicals. Afterwards they attempt to find a club activity they can do together; with one finding out that it's a lot harder than it sounds after she is left to make a tough decision...


One by one the girls step into class for their one-on-one interviews with Ms. Kodaira to gather information about them. Ruri goes in first and attempts to speak and get answers after Ms. Kodaira informs her that they already know about her problem. She is followed by Botan, but when asked what skills she has all she can think of is to bring up her medical knowledge- although she points out she uselessly can only heal herself. Kodaira goes on to ask if she is alright after noticing her head is bandaged and sends her to the nurses office to tend to her injury. Lastly, Anne takes her turn and discusses her interest. But as she heads out, Kodaira happens to spot her four leaf clover is pointed in the wrong direction. She deems this strange and recalls that Anne was the only one capable of keeping her egg safe- as well as having it hatch when they were past expiration. She decides she must keep an eye on Anne from that moment.

Within the locker rooms the girls are getting changed for gym while discussing their interviews. Anne returns the cloth Ruri lent her earlier and they watch as two classmates walk off. Realizing they need to head to their physical exam the girls brings up their weight and wonder how this will go, with Botan pointing out that while Anne is cute and small, and Ruri has developed healthy, she is sure that she herself is stuck in the overweight loop. Anne then brings up Ruri's crush and wonders if she worries over her weight because of it, but suddenly Botan asks why Ruri likes "him".

Ruri recalls the past, back in elementary school when she would walk home and see him. She never thought anything of it, but she always saw it there, wordlessly bowing. After seeing his sincerity for so long- she soon realized she fell for it. She would even visit it in the rain and snow, and rush by to see it every day.

Suddenly embarrassed Ruri gets upset that they made her reveal this, but they get distracted by a strange thing coming towards them. Ruri suggests they go to a new hallway- but the strange creature stops them to reveal a cutesy little rabbit wearing a butler uniform. Ruri notes that it sounds mechanical, and Botan is able to deduce he isn't a real rabbit. He compliments the girls and introduces himself as Timothy before stepping aside, before Anne can touch him and evades her while explaining that because they were running late he had been tasked with finding them. With that he leads them to the gym, avoiding letting Anne touch him one final time.

In the gym, the girls take their exams, being measured with some recently brand new, very accurate equipment. The girls see Botan struggle, and in the process of trying she hurts her back. She is disappointed to know she has gained weight, while Ruri notes hers didn't change at all, going on to realize, along with Anne and Timothy that Botan isn't fat like she thinks she is- she just has a big chest. Anne grows overwhelmed realizing she has a flat chest in comparison to her friends, but she is unable to linger on it as they move onto the next task, measuring each girls height. Once again Anne and Botan cause issues, with Ann being smacked by her machine, and Botan falling off after the device touches her head.

Next the girls move onto hearing, but Botan can't hear anything despite how high the volume is. Meanwhile, Anne believes she does hear something- but Timothy claims hers wasn't turned on yet. She claims she heard a woman's voice though, and with it she scares the other two in an attempt to make them listen to it until all three of them wind up on the floor from exhaustion. By now Kodaira is observing the girls, with Ruri noticing her.

At the end of the first part of the exams, Ruri helps Botan walk back to the locker room. She apologizes for this while comparing herself to a cow as Anne brings up if she will be able to eat lunch. Ruri offers to take her back and asks Anne to fetch them some drinks, handing her change and making their requests. Anne hesitates and asks if they are sure before she eagerly runs off, leaving Ruri to wonder if she's ever done an errand before.

Changed for class, Botan and Ruri make their way to lunch and they notice Anne is taking long. She joins them and asks what they want to drink, leaving them puzzled until she reveals getting Takoyaki Soda, Red Adder Drink, and Curry Milk. Botan and Ruri are left bewildered by such strange objects and she brings up what they requested while pinching her cheeks. Anne insisted she prayed very hard to get the black tea and vegetable juice, but this was what she got. She explains that she never knows what will come out of the vending machine, and she had prayed for strawberry milk for herself- although she would have settled for a cafe au lait drink too. Ruri doesn't understand how this happened, but seeing how hard Anne tried she decides to shrug it off. They realize how sickly Botan is and they quickly agree to eat, pushing their desks together with Anne explaining that she is too hungry to change out of her gym uniform right now.

As they enjoy lunch the girls chat about cellphones after Anne happens to notice Botan has hers. Phones are against school rules but Botan was given special permission to carry hers in case of emergency. Anne admits that she breaks hers often, and Ruri claims she doesn't neat one. Despite how the day has gone thus far, Ruri finds herself happily watching Botan and Anne as they share food.

Meanwhile, Kodaira enjoys her own lunch in another room while Timothy is re-fueling with an electrical cord. She asks him to keep an eye on the girls and he agrees.

With that, Botan and Anne have decided to spend some time observing the school clubs. They are joined by Timothy, who offers to show them around since he knows a lot about the school. While Ruri is bothered by him and admits she doesn't care much about school clubs, she tags along and winds up providing herself to be a very talented baker, preparing animal themed cookies and wowing everyone. She claims this is normal for her though, and the girls see the group off as they head to their next club, which is chosen by Botan and weirdly ends up being Track; but she isn't even able to make it five meters before she gets exhausted.

Next they move onto Archery, but Botan passed out when the thing tied onto her hurts her back, followed by softball- where she hurts her wrist. She claims to be used to this as the girls sit down for a rest, and Timothy mentions they still have time, so Anne requests a cute, animal cuddling club. Timothy decides to lead the girls to the Pet Society, a club for the members to bring in their pets and cuddle each others. Ruri finds it strange, but before the girls can head insie the pets suddenly burst out of the room and give chase. They manage to deem that the pets must be after Anne and Botan finds herself worn down. After returning to grab her hand, Ruri yanks the two girls behind her and makes a run for it as two of their classmates watch from the shoe lockers. They continue to run from the school grounds until Ruri asks Timothy for help- as he is a robot. He agrees to lend a hand, and runs towards the animals' only to be thrown up into the air with nothing to help them.

Eventually the girls come to a stop when they reach an area in town and have lost the animals. As Ruri contemplates this happening, Timothy joins them yet again and brings it up, although she claims he got what he deserved. She asks if he will be reporting everything that happened to Kodaira when Botan and Anne join her again. They admit that they probably won't be joining any clubs, but they expect her to join cooking since she was so good at it. But as Ruri thinks it over she sees how disappointed they are, but rather than answer she goes to get a drink. She sees hers come out fine and wonders if they even stock things like curry milk when suddenly, two workers come by to open a machine and fix a mistake someone made earlier.

As Ruri makes her way back with three drinks, she is distracted upon spotting her beloved sign. She stops, curious as to why he is there, but as she tries to walk away, Anne and Botan suddenly arrive. She hands them their drinks when Botan spots the sign and brings it up. Ruri grows embarrassed, but they promise to wait for her while she looks at it since he is special to her. Just then Timothy rejoins them and Ruri tells them her answer. She refuses to join any club, to avoid not getting to see "him" as much, and she enjoys walking with Anne and Botan. Anne suggests that they walk home together the next day as well, with Botan and Ruri agreeing.

Meanwhile, all of the animals have flocked to Ren, one of the girls at the shoe lockers. Her friend asks if she is okay, and as this is going on Kodaira is shown watching them.


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  • Student Health Exams are held.



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