April 7: An Unfortunate First Day of School
Anne happy ep1
4月7日 不幸な入学初日
Shigatsu Nanoka: Fukō na Nyūgaku Shonichi
Japanese Air Date

April 7, 2016

Ending Ashita de Ii Kara
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April 7: An Unfortunate First Day of School (4月7日 不幸な入学初日, Shigatsu Nanoka: Fukō na Nyūgaku Shonichi?) is the first episode of Anne Happy♪. The episode premiered on April 7, 2016.


Starting her first day at a new school, quiet Ruri comes across a strange girl and helps her and the dog she was trying to save. After learning they share the same class it is soon revealed that it isn't an ordinary class at all- but one for unfortunate students that focuses on trying to bring out their true talents to have a successful life. But fearful things will return to the way they were, Hibari attempts to keep her secret while getting to know the unlucky Hanako and frail Botan as they are given their first task.


On a bright sunny day, several girls prepare for school. One of them being the depressed Ruri, who laments that despite being sent to a brand new school, it isn't enough to separate her from her love. She heads to school as the sakura petals drift through the air when suddenly she hears the barking of a small dog and stops to see a girl hanging from the bridge she is currently standing on. Curiously she asks if she is okay, and once the girl confirms that she is Ruri throws off her shoes to try to help her after she sees her shirt begin to rip.

Carefully she walks on the small bar and the girl makes conversation with her- despite her warnings to stay quiet. As the girl asks for her name, she comes up with the nickname "Hibari", and just then the bar breaks. The strange girl tosses the dog into the air and is sent plummeting into the water as it lands on top of Ruri's head. She cries out for the girl and runs down the nearby grassy hill to try to locate her and help her out. The girl claims she is fine though, stating that the river was deep so she didn't get hurt. But when she tries to check on the dog it bites her hand, leaving her to wonder if it was in a bad mood as it runs from them.

With that, the girl explains how she found the dog and thanks Ruri for her help. Ruri remarks on the girls poor luck but she insists otherwise, only for them to get distracted when the school bell starts ringing. The girl suggests they hurry and together they run back up to the bridge to grab Ruri's shoes before running to school.

While they listen to the Headmasters speech, Ruri continues to lament her poor luck. She is a bit surprised to have wound up with Anne, even in the same class, but her thoughts are interrupted by an ill girl who had to be escorted to the room. The weak-looking girl suddenly gives out and falls to the floor.

Once in class 1-7, Ruri realizes she never got the girls name. The girl introduces herself as Ann and Ruri decides to call her "Hanako", as she felt it was apropriate since Anne gave her the nickname Hibari. Anne is very excited and thanks Ruri, cheery over being in the same class before admitting that she is only there as it's the closest school to her home, not because she has a special talent for the school to enhance. Ruri is able to agree with her in that she lacks special talent, but she doesn't understand how she got into the school. For the time being, Anne tries to get to know Ruri by asking her if there's anything she likes and wondering if her interest may have anything to do with why she's there.

As it turns out, the weak girl from earlier happens to overhear them and admits to listening in on them. They don't really mind, but she continues to speak, pointing out how strange it must be for them to have such a creepy girl laugh at them. When they assure her they have no problem, she happily thanks them for not reporting her to the authorities and formally introduces herself as Botan. Anne happily gets up to shake Botan's hand, but as a result Botan is reduced to a quivering mass- with them confused and worried. She claims it isn't a big deal though, since it was only a finger bone that cracked. While performing first aid she assures it isn't Anne's fault and covers her hand, explaining that she learned to properly apply bandages after so many injuries. In this time Ruri starts to wonder why she wound up with such a weird class.

It's then their teacher, Ms. Kodaira shows up. She introduces herself to the classroom she explains that the school focuses on developing talents of their students. Classes one through three focus on academics, while four through six focus on specializing on sports. None of the students knew this though, and Ruri mentions that this was never revealed on their exams, with Kodaira commenting on her confusion before revealing to them that class seven is for "happiness". Further confused, the students listen as she goes on to directly explain that everyone there is unfortunate in some shape or form. While some are born lucky, others are not, and as a result only some unfortunates are able to properly develop their talents or special skills.

Concerned, Ruri brings this up and claims that she isn't misfortunate though, but she quiets down after Kodaira reveals that before the entrance exams the school did some research to investigate possible entrants. She assures that everyone has been put into a single class in order to overcome their unfortunate ways and become happy, and brings up that each day they will measure the level of misfortune and train the students. Ruri is left confused, but to her surprise, neither Botan or Anne seem to pay this any attention.

With that Ms. Kodaira silences the class and decides that they should change seats before starting their daily measurements. On each desk she put a piece of paper with a number on it for each student, and this will determine their spots in the room- the smaller the number, the luckier each student is. Ruri opens her paper to see she is number 28 and questions how to feel about being in the middle, but she snaps out of it by claiming it's a mere coincidence, then happens to see that Anne got 40, the last number in the room.

Ms. Kodaira ends the class after everyone has been given their numbers, however she decides to give them some homework. She hands out an egg to each student and asks that they take care of them until the next day. If they break they will fail.

Ruri is still not happy by the turn of events, listening as Anne and Botan discuss their injuries from the day. They both feel a lot better since then, and Anne compliments Botan's ability to treat herself. Botan explains that this is because her dad is a doctor, although she is utterly useless as she can only treat herself. When the trio find out they all live near each other Anne suggests they walk home together, and while Botan agrees, Ruri is quick to refuse, stating she has some errands and runs from them.

Anne is a little disappointed that they can't discuss their egg homework, but she finds herself distracted by the bright Sakura Trees above them. At least until a small cat catches her attention and she attempts to pet it; only for it to punch her and run away. Botan checks on Anne, but they find that the cat is in trouble and give chase.

Meanwhile, Ruri observes a construction worker.

The duo find the crying cat on top of a scarecrow statue in the field and without hesitation, Anne is quick to toss off her shoes and dive into the mucky water to try to save it. Botan attempts to help as well- only to stumble down the large grass hill and fall, causing her egg to break after it falls from her pack. The cat sees this and jumps forward, using Anne's head to propel itself over the field and onto the ground to eat the remnants. Anne is left confused, but finds herself stuck wondering what was going on this whole time.

Ruri makes her way home, depressed to realize that with her new school she's been placed further away from her love. She observes her egg and wonders how it is supposed to bring her happiness, finding the whole idea to be silly while claiming yet again that she isn't unfortunate. She thinks back to the past for a moment, but snaps out of it when she overhears Anne and Botan call for her. To her shock she finds Botan with a bloody face hiding in the bush, and Anne stuck in the mucky, rice field.

Ruri helps both girls and comments to Anne that before she acts, she should consider the consequences of her actions next time. Anne agrees, but claims that because everyone was saved it is fine, and then remarks she's really lucky. She thanks Ruri for such a great day, but Ruri claims anyone would have done the same thing. With everything okay, the girls resume heading home and begin to bond until the flustered Ruri pulls away. To change subjects, she brings up their egg assignment when suddenly the girls happen to spot the picture frame that fell from her pack.

They pick it up and ask who it is while she internally panics over not being more careful, then quickly Ruri explains how precious the person within the picture is to her. She heads by the construction sight to see him, and once everyone at her old school found out they started teasing her. She expects worse, but to her surprise, neither Botan or Anne are concerned or upset with it, instead asking why anyone would laugh over it. Ruri attempts to explain that they should, since whenever someone else would find out they always did, then they would tell others.

Anne hands Ruri back her picture and both girls promise to her that they won't tell anyone. Ruri slowly takes the picture back and while calmed, tells them that she is going to head home- only to realize her egg got broken in the process of her items falling.

The following day, Ms. Kodaira isn't surprised to know this happened. She asks that everyone writes down the cause of why the egg broke, and then turn it in the paper. But to everyone's amazement, Anne's is the only one that didn't break. It suddenly hatches and a baby chick pops out and hops onto her head.


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  • Ruri
  • Anne
  • Botan
  • Ms. Kodaira
  • Hibiki
  • Ren


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Major EventsEdit

  • Anne, Ruri, and Botan meet each other and become friends.
  • The girls start their first day at a brand new school.


  • Anne's number of 40 is a pun on her terrible luck. In japan, 4 can translate as Death while 0 can translate as suffering.


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