Botan Kumegawa
Kanji 久米川 牡丹
Romaji Kumegawa Botan
Nicknames Botan-chan
Age 17
Gender Female
Eye Color Pinkish-Violet
Hair Color Light Pink
Birthday February 23
Height 165cm
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Sayuri Kumegaya (Younger Sister)
Occupation High School Student (1st year, Class 7)
School Tennomifune Academy
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Kiyono Yasuno

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Botan Kumegawa (久米川 牡丹 Kumegawa Botan?), is the deuteragonist of the Anne Happy♪ series. Botan is a fragile girl who gets injured very easily (e.g. a handshake breaks her hand bones), with her misfortune being "poor health".


Botan has a pale complexion with dull berry eyes hidden behind oval glasses. Her very long, pale pink hair with darker gradient towards the bottom is worn in low braided twin-tails  and long, very pale pink hair worn in low braided pigtails. She has long, thin bangs and thick forelocks that surpass her chest.

She is often depicted covered in bandages or a sling of some type. She wears a longer skirt with her uniform, including with black tights and a pair of pink and white sneakers.


Botan is very gentle and kind with a calm nature. However, she is also known for her depressed personality that often comes out over the tiniest of things. She also appears to have no self-worth and believes the worst of herself when it comes to others, such as insisting Anne and Ruri think she is creepy, then thanking them for not calling authorities on her for listening in on them.


The girls meet Botan after she is escorted to class with some help but they quickly learn how frail she is. After she starts patching herself up she quickly hits things off with them and walks home with them after they discover they all live near one-another.


Botan has always been frail, but because her father is a doctor he has managed to help her learn how to deal with injury. Unfortunately she has pointed out that she is still useless- as she could only heal herself.


Anne HanakoizumiEdit

Botan and Anne became good friend after Anne expressed concern for accidentally causing her injury. They are quite alike, allowing them to sympathize with each other.

Ruri HibarigaokaEdit

Ruri is one of Botan's first friends after she joins the school. She is seen as "weird" by Ruri, but she treasures their friendship. She has no problem with Ruri's feelings for the construction sign and supports it, so Ruri often lends her a hand to help her.


Image Name What they call Botan What Botan calls them
Ch1-off-1 Anne Hanakoizumi Botan-Chan Hanako-san
Ch2-off-1 Ruri Hibarigaoka Botan Hibari-san
Ch4-off-1 Hibiki Hagyu
Ch5-off-1 Ren Ekoda



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