July 13: A Stormy Group Lesson
Anne happy ep9
7月13日 波乱の合同授業
Shichigatsu Jū-san-nichi: Haran no Gōdō Jugyō
Japanese Air Date

June 2, 2016

Ending Ashita de Ii Kara
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July 13: A Stormy Group Lesson (7月13日 波乱の合同授業, Shichigatsu Jū-san-nichi: Haran no Gōdō Jugyō?) is the ninth episode of Anne Happy♪. The episode premiered on June 2, 2016.}}

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The girls have a cooking class taught by a strict teacher named Saginomiya, who is observant of the misfortunes of the Class 7 students. As Hibari feels downhearted after a mishap ruins her group's dish, Hanako and Botan come over to her house for a sleepover to cheer her up. The next day, as Saginomiya supervises a swimming class, Hanako gets stuck in the pool just as storm clouds approach. Despite Saginomiya's warnings, Hibari and Botan dive in to save Hanako from being struck by lightning, earning some praise from Saginomiya. 

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