July 20: Our Summer Vacation
Anne happy ep10
7月20日 私たちの夏休み
Shichigatsu Hatsuka: Watashi-tachi no Natsuyasumi
Japanese Air Date

June 9, 2016

Ending Ashita de Ii Kara
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July 13: A Stormy Group Lesson August 18: A Stormy Outdoor School

July 20: Our Summer Vacation (7月20日 私たちの夏休み, Shichigatsu Hatsuka: Watashi-tachi no Natsuyasumi?) is the tenth episode of Anne Happy♪. The episode premiered on June 9, 2016.

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As summer vacation begins, the girls go to a karaoke box together, where Timothy drops a catchy rap number. The next day, Hanako and Hibari bump into a mysterious girl before joining the others at an indoor beach built by Botan's sister. Afterwards, as the girls go to a summer festival, Hanako and Hibiki become separated from the others and follow a shadow into the school, where they come across various scary things. Following the sound of Timothy's rap, the girls end up being chased by Timothy's legs to the rooftop, where they get a nice view of the fireworks. 

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