June 28: Visiting Hanako
Anne happy ep7
6月28日 はなこのお見舞い
Rokugatsu Ni-jū-hachi-nichi: Hanako no Omimai
Japanese Air Date

May 19, 2016

Ending Ashita de Ii Kara
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June 28: Visiting Hanako (6月28日 はなこのお見舞い Rokugatsu Ni-jū-hachi-nichi: Hanako no Omimai?) is the seventh episode of Anne Happy♪. The episode premiered on May 19, 2016.

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As the class is tasked with making their wishes come true, Hanako comes down with a fever after becoming soaked in the rain. Hibari and Botan pay a visit to Hanako's home and meet her mother, Sakura, who used to be a Class 7 student. The next day, as Hanako is still absent, the girls decide to make some teru teru bōzuto wish for the rain to stop. Thanks to their efforts, the sky clears up the next day and Hanako is able to return to school, leading them all to passing their assignments. 

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