May 30: A Field Trip With Everyone
Anne happy ep6
5月30日 みんなで遠足
Gogatsu San-jū-nichi: Minna de Ensoku
Japanese Air Date

May 12, 2016

Ending Ashita de Ii Kara
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May 9: Getting Lost on the Way to School June 28: Visiting Hanako
May 30: A Field Trip With Everyone (5月30日 みんなで遠足, Gogatsu San-jū-nichi: Minna de Ensoku?) is the sixth episode of Anne Happy♪. The episode premiered on May 12, 2016.

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The class goes on an orienteering trip in the mountains said to contain several lucky power spots. Hanako's group faces a troublesome encounter with some hostile monkeys, but manage to reach the first power spot and enjoy lunch together. Following lunch, however, Hanako goes missing after going off to wash her utensils, prompting Hibari and the others to go and search for her. After managing to find her, the girls come up against an escaped bear but are rescued by their teacher.

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